From a sports icon to Beacon of national revival: An invincible Imran Khan

What we know about Imran Khan? First thing that comes to mind about him is he was a finest all-rounder the game of cricket has ever witnessed. Imran’s exemplary dedication and integrity to game won him respect and fame among cricket loving fans all over the world. The exceptional leadership he displayed on the field earned him a reputation of being bold and tough skipper: tough on his own guys as well as on those who play against his side. Being a high-stature sportsman he used to see defeat as a part of the game but his unprecedented spirit to never give in kept him fighting till the last moment, and the ball. Imran khan undoubtedly was a sports icon during his time who enjoyed a fan following virtually from every cricket playing nation, and India was no exception.
Likes of Vavan Richards, Sunil Govaskar, Richard Headley to name few were profoundly talented and stunning performers. Imran Khan was exception and stood tall among them. What distinguished so distinctively Imran from his contemporaries was his superb leadership qualities. On the field and off the field, he inspired his team to never settle until they become finest performers on cricket fields.
As far as Pakistani cricket is concerned, Imran exercised absolute authority. Imran was all in one, he was captain, coach, mentor, selector and much more. With such overwhelming powers in and off the field, he exerted phenomenal influence over the style, skill and psyche of Pakistani cricket.
The nation jubilantly saw rising their team after initial setbacks to the victory stand back in 1992 under his leadership. Moreover, he left a rich legacy that for many years to come inspired an entire lot of fast bowlers. It is no surprise Pakistan consistently produced world-class fast bowlers to the international arena.
From Imran’s cricketing career we know him as a leader who is fearless, a fighter who never give up till last moment and mentor that really inspires. Now this sports icon of the past is emerged as a beacon of the nation revival and building. With an amazing past in sports, now when he has assumed highest post in the Pakistan, expectations are running high to address the longstanding issues that have marred the economic prospects and national development of the country. Given his track record hopes are attached to him to salvage the nation from a plethora of problems ranging from economic woes to social fragmentation. All eyes are on him waiting to see how he would tackle these chronic issues and problems.
To what extent he would be able to achieve success remains to see. However, with the inception of his time as a premier, we witnessed something that in nature is symbolic but are profoundly meaningful. Pakistan’s powerful adamant army started showing respect for Khan as he was first ever highest civilian leader to solely chair a meeting of armed forces, in contrast to the past tradition, where Army Chief and Prime Minister here mutually chair such meetings.
Imran who is strong advocate of independent foreign policy since his early days in politics, now when he is in highest office, he started moving in that direction. Khan’s bold and strong stance on US calls to play a role in Afghanistan is something which is rare in Pakistani history. His message is very clear, Pakistan never will fight a war for another nation or country.


Despite this symbolic positive signs, Imran’s job is daunting. He has to address chronic issues of economic instability, widespread corruption, institution building and social integration. How he would be looked upon in coming days largely rest on how he asserts his leadership to steer through the nation. To what extent he

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